We help to navigate your business through changing environment

We care about the environment we live in and work in the same as we care about the business activities of our clients. We want to bring clarity and transparency to help you to navigate your business simply through changing the environment. We turn regulatory and environmental constraints into business opportunities for you and service to your clients!

Who we are

We are well-seasoned industry experts with an extensive background and expertise in the financial sector and data analysis, accumulated throughout many years in senior positions in leading industry companies. We want to utilize it in helping other sector companies and especially bald challengers to set up their business activities and pursue their dreams.

Value proposition

Sustainability Transparency

Although we are a young company, we are fans of what we do. One of our essential prerequisites is sustainability and transparency. Sustainability we understand as a favorable environment for our employees, responsible and profitable operations of business activities for shareholders, and user-friendly solutions for clients. Solutions that we provide are designed to drive the business of our clients in a sustainable way. We strive for a positive impact in the developing environment we live in into a more sustainable place for ourselves and our business partners.

We offer:

Sustainability advisory

We are sure sustainability is something every business should be aiming for.  We believe that commitment to sustainability, together with SDG goals serving as a map, is the way how we can develop a more sustainable environment for all of us to live in the future. The apparent trend is those ultimate buyers of services, would be private or corporate clients, are becoming highly interested in environmentally friendly services and solutions. We provide such services as:

  • Future-proofing business model
  • Development of CSR framework
  • Integration – bringing strategy to life
  • Building awareness and engagement
  • Compliance with regulation

Risk management

We believe that effective risk management in the case of every company sets the risk appetite for business operations and balance it with growth and profitability ambitions.

To address all challenges stemming from the regulatory environment, we are ready to provide the following services:

  • Developing and implementing tailor-made Enterprise-Wide Risk Management
  • Implementing risk-based governance
  • Support in the development of policy documents and templates
  • Advisory support to management
  • Establishing risk appetite and Risk Reporting
  • Analysis, modeling, and validation

Corporate advisory

Team members of Lucent through professional experience in senior positions in various managerial bodies, complemented with educational studies, have best practices and insights to share to make companies’ management be effective and work for the best interest of the company’s clients, employees, and shareholders. We are willing to share our expertise in the areas of Corporate Governance, Business Strategies, and Financial management.

We are ready to offer the following service:

  • Governance structure design and implementation
  • Identifying opportunities for top-line growth;
  • Development of a coherent strategic plan for expansion, service and operating models, costs saving measures, new services, customer experience improvement;
  • Change management and transformation.

Finance Management

Many smaller companies are not able to afford to have inhouse employed CFO; for that purpose, our experts are ready to provide tailor-made corporate finance solutions. With our background from financial institutions, we will assist you in managing your relationship with banks in managing distressing situations.

Our services include a large part of the CFOs or financial controller responsibilities and consists among others of:

  • Financial Management
  • Cost management
  • Attracting funding
  • Negotiations with banks in attracting funding


We possess a passion for statistics, big data, models, and business insights out of it. Our background and care about the environment we live in drives to concentrate all our efforts in two areas – helping companies to manage the risk profile of their customers and sustainability assessment of the impact that companies are making on the environment.

Our competent team is capable of working with all sorts of data (quantitative, text, visual and etc.) in order to develop prognostic, AI based models, which will help our client to enhance their business.

We will be able to provide a model for Sustainability self-assessment or the possibility to benchmark against the market or competitors in the nearest future.

Why we

Being a new entrant to the advisory business at the same time, we are not new to the field. For many years we have been successfully running business activities in the companies where we served as managers for specific business areas. Long track records of achievements in our previous business activities prove our effectiveness. Several of them to mention:

Remote service model

Developed and implemented a remote service model for small and medium-sized companies across 3 Baltic countries, which guaranteed market-leading cost efficiencies and customer satisfaction

Digital offering

Developed a fully digital offering of financial services to corporate customers

Sustainability Governance

Implemented Sustainability Governance and Green offering across 3 Baltic countries

Risk assessment models

Buildup a wide variety of risk assessment models, Including AI elements

We don’t have a long list of projects to brag about under the name of Lucent, but we are ready to help your company to take the next steps in developing a successful business and this way, building up our brand and list of successful projects.


We help you navigate your business through changing environment in a simple way
Žilvinas Milerius
CEO & Co-founder

Phone:+370 682 44801
Email: zm@lucent.lt